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Welcome To The Party

Jacob Kempton 2D Animation Reel

A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Jacob Kempton.

I'm an alumni from Kennesaw State University where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation.

I'm glad you stopped by! Welcome to the collective hot spot of all of my artistic endeavors! 


When I was a kid, I drew all the time. I also loved creating my own worlds where I could play out an epic tale or a war-torn world on the brink of calamity or an intergalactic race exploring the far depths of space. 

When creating these worlds, I used everything I could get my hands on. I often resorted to acting them out with Legos, office supplies, and even sticks and cardboard. My obsession to create stories may have been directly inspired by the vast amount of hours spent consuming movies and cartoons. 

Which is why I’m an animator to this day!

Made-Up Animated Logos

Here are a few made up animated company's I did in 2018. They were really fun to make. All the art was made up by me along with sound design, with a little help from Free Sound Archive (https://freemusicarchive.org/). All sounds were public domain with my edits and additions added.